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CQB Valve

Take Your Fight Indoors

CQB Valve 3

Drop your FPS with the CQB Valve

Developed on the idea of early valve timing, the CQB Valve is designed to lower the FPS of your KWA NS2 pistol or SMG to a CQB field limit.

The need for this project came after purchasing my KWA Mp9. The Mp9 was shooting just too hot for my local cqb field. I needed to get below the limit of 350Fps w/ 0.20′s. I did not want to fiddle with the hammer spring and did not want to sacrifice accuracy with a shorter barrel. With the CQB Valve, I was able to reliably reduced the FPS output of the little SMG.


CQB Valve 2


Produces a fixed FPS drop and gives you room for error on hot days. Expect replicas to drop from 380-420 fps to 300-350 fps.

Compatible with multiple models
- MP9,
- Mp7,
- M9 PTP,
- M93r
- MK23,
- Kriss Vector.

One valve per gun, installs into the gun’s blowback unit, not the magazine, The downgrade is not permanent

Easy to Install,  Many user generated installation guides are available and players or experienced techs can install in under a few minutes

Made from 6061 Aluminum, the CQB valve offers a durable way to drop the FPS on your NS2 replica.

Made in the USA


“That valve reduced this gun (Mp9) and the mp7′s fps by 40. Definately CQB legal and makes this gun [...] useable in your local CQB Field”
- Bob “The Axe Man” [AirsoftGI Video Review]

“Both parts delivered an average drop in fps by about 40 fps making these the perfect thing to get that MP9 legal for your local cqb place.”
- Dobey [KWAUSA Forums]

“It brings the fps down about 20-30. The kriss is now even more cqb friendly!!!”
- AirsoftReaper43 [Youtube]

Banged the dangerwerx valve in and it was doing 280-290 on propane usingf 0.25g BB’s[...] Thanks, DangerWerx the valve was excellent and a doddle to install
- Philbucknal [Arnies Airsoft Forum]

“All in all this is a great product does exactly what it was built for does save a bit of gas”
- A. Dumbs [AirsoftGI User Review]



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